You Never Failed Me

You Never Failed Me

When all I knew was doubt
And all I felt was fear
In desperate times
You heard my cries
You never failed me Lord

You gave me hope in the dark
A light that called across the troubled sea
You saw the depths of my heart
Renewed me with Your joy and rescued me

When sickness mocked my faith
And pain eclipsed the night
When no-one cared
Your hand was there
You never failed me Lord

You gave me courage to stand
In winter’s desert you had planned the spring
My lips cried out for that day
You filled me with Your Word and heard me sing

When I was most alone
The world rejected me
And turned away.
You said, ’I’ll stay’
You never failed me Lord

You gave me brothers of faith
Born of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ
His life poured out for the world
Now I must share the love that paid the price

And I won’t fail You Lord…
No I won’t fail You Lord..
I won’t fail You Lord…
Thank You …that You never failed me.

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