Team Work and Tu Presencia

Team work is part of church, and for me the best is when it springs up un-orchestrated. That’s what happened with our latest song. (And I did not intend to pun there!)

We were enjoying an afternoon of fellowship and food – they go well together – and after the meal someone brought out a guitar. We shared praise songs from our home countries – Spain, Bolivia, England, Colombia, Honduras. The rhythms were varied yet the theme was beautifully central – praise to the Lord of all.

The while the others shared laughter and debated theology, Donna and I slipped away to put the final polish on the new song. I asked Magdiel – member of a ministerial and musical family in Madrid – to join us.

She supplied the one phrase we needed to finalise the lyrics, and the song was launched the next day in church under its new title: Tu Presencia.

The lyrics are as published in the previous post.
The music can be heard here:
. . and read here

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