Spanish Worship Song Eres Eterno – You Are Eternal

Spanish worship song Eres Eterno, You Are Eternal: the second praise song from the Can-Walk team at Cristo Vencedor.

Written in August of 2016, this was one of those songs that kind of took over its own writing.

The original agreement was to present a contemplative worship song, one in which the congregation could pause, meditate, perhaps take a time of silence. But – as happens with writing – the words took on this form, and then moved with this music.

So be it – we are always testing the waters. And as we venture out to walk on them, our prayer is that we can produce offerings that are theologically sound and congregationally uplifting. If that is achieved, then we are moving in the right direction.

And we will wait on Him to see if our third song is the one that will take us into a place of quiet.

Spanish Worship Song Eres Eterno, You are Eternal

Eres eterno
Señor de los cielos
El cosmos despliega
Tu magnitud
Eres hermoso
Señor de la tierra
Tu mano otorga
La plenitud

Todo fue creado por medio de Tí
Y para Ti creado todo fue

Eres supremo
Señor de los reinos
Tu luz aclara
Cada nación
Eres perfecto
Señor de los siglos
Tu voz declara
La salvación


Eres refugio
Señor de tu pueblo
Tu nos rodea
Con la verdad
Eres El Cristo
Señor de mi vida
Aún me asombra
Tu fidelidad


Alégrense los cielos,
La tierra sea feliz
Me arrodillo ante Tu amor.

©Eres Eterno is digitally recorded as copyright to Josephine Cánovas and Donna Walker.©

Eres Eterno – You Are Eternal: Translation

*This translation does not necessarily allow for a true metric fit to the original tune.
You are eternal
Lord of (the) heavens
The cosmos unfolds
your magnitude
You are beautiful
Lord of the earth
Your hand gives

Everything was created through you
And for You all was created

You are supreme
Lord of the kingdoms
Your light brightens
each nation
You are perfect
Lord of the ages
Your voice declares
(The) Salvation


You are shelter/ a refuge
Lord of your people
You surround us
With the truth
You are the Christ/ Messiah
Lord of my life
It still amazes me / I stand amazed at
your faithfulness


Let the heavens rejoice,
The land is happy
I kneel before Thy love.

© Cánovas
Foto: Credit and thanks to William Iven.

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