Sourdough Raisin Bread with Walnuts

Sourdough raisin bread with walnuts began as an experimental twist on my traditional raisin bread.

Never Take Bread for Granted!

Inspired by a delightful recipe from Azélia (see link below), I prepped the one extra ingredient, and the first-time result was successful – a loaf of raisin bread with walnuts added that pushed all the right taste buttons!

Moist and springy, with sweet pings from the fruit and surprise crunches from the nuts, it went down well with family and friends, so I was eager to repeat the exercise.

All I had to do was follow the recipe as before, (which is exactly as I have it on the recipe card below).

Well and good – except that I started the second run early one morning, before the obligatory coffee, and that was when things began to go Miro-esque.

If you just want the roses and clouds happy ending, go straight to the recipe.

If, however, the reality side of things entices your interest, read on . .

A Cautionary Tale

Everything was – surprisingly for that hour – correctly mise-d en place:

  • The walnuts were weighed, chopped and toasted.
  • The raisins were soaked and cooled.
  • The sourdough starter had bubbled overnight most satisfactorily.
  • The unbleached organic flour was waiting in the bowl.

Altogether, the perfect scenario for a healthy bread. All that remained was for me to blenderise a third of the walnuts with a bit of honey and some of the water from the raisins.

And that’s where the absence of coffee short-circuited a synapse or two.

Instead of draining the raisins and using the water they had soaked in to make up a walnut-honey paste, I carefully drained them, put the water aside – and blenderised all of the raisins with the walnuts.

A slow realization penetrated, but you can’t un-blenderise raisins! Then the frugal self kicked in. Since I had this somewhat different paste in hand . . well then, I’d just go ahead and work with it!

The result was what I can, with a clear conscience and a messy blender, describe as an interesting combination of flavors and textures.


Sourdough Raisin Bread with Walnuts- Recommended Recipe

I am still recommending the straightforward raisin and walnut sourdough recipe as below – the one that allows the raisins to remain unpulverised!


This sourdough raisins and walnut bread version of the sourdough raisin bread owes the addition of the walnuts to some great inspiration from Azélia at Thanks Azélia – obrigado!

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