Sourdough Pancakes

Sunday Morning Sourdough Pancakes: Simple – as per the blog title, and tasty, light and versatile.

A healthy sourdough starter is fed regularly. A portion of the original is retained, and refreshed with flour and water. But the question then arises: What to do with the excess? It seems so wasteful to merely discard it.

The answer for us is to make Sourdough Pancakes.

These pancakes are what we refer to as American pancakes. They are small, and roundish in shape, I can make 3 or 4 at one time in my frying pan, and they do not lend themselves to ‘flipping’.

Sourdough Pancakes – a Flexible Recipe

This a what we call a flexible recipe. It works with proportions, and doubles, trebles or halves easily.

Working from a base of 250g of starter, which will feed 4 people with moderate appetites:

º 250g sourdough starter.
– use the excess from a refreshing that is intended for a loaf; or make up a starter specifically for the morning: whatever works.
º 2 eggs
º Half a teaspoon of salt
º A generous teaspoon of bicarb. (baking soda).

Mix the ingredients vigourously until they are well melded.
Leave the mix to stand for about 5 minutes.

Heat up a heavy based pan, toss in a smidgin of butter and / or olive oil.
Ladle the pancakes in at whatever size you fancy.
Keep the heat at a medium level.
When the top surface shows a bubbled surface, flip the pancakes over.
Cook briefly on the second side.

Serve them hot.
– I like them sweet with honey, cooked apple, sliced banana, nuts
– and they can hold their own as savoury, with bacon, onions, sausage.


For a special enjoy-the-moment taste, spread Nutella over each pancake.
Place one or two After Eights on top of each pancake, and as they melt spread them out.

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