Sourdough Orange Chocolate Bread

Sourdough Orange Chocolate Bread. Take a healthy bubbling starter. Enjoy the no-fuss, no-knead preparation. Let the dough do its own thing in an overnight rise. A simple shaping, then into the oven for a morning bake.

The result: a springy and enticing loaf, ready to share the breakfast or brunch table with friends, coffee and smiles.

A surprising mix of flavours? Yes, but they work together! With the dark chocolate bite, and just a hint of orange, the loaf is tasty whilst not being over-sweet.

  • Served just as is, it is moist enough to easily carry an unadorned presentation.
  • Put it with cheese, and wait for a range of flavours to hit the taste-buds.
  • Smidge it with butter for a particular added indulgence.

Baked in – well actually baked on – my Le Creuset cast iron skillet, this is one of the ‘out of the ordinary’ loaves I make for small groups of family and friends. Agreed, it’s not an everyday standby. But according to those who’ve tasted it, it’s a definite plus – especially with a soft goat’s cheese spread lightly on a freshly cut slice.

The sourdough orange chocolate bread in this foto is shaped as a boule – the french term for a rounded, ball shaped loaf. It could equally be presented as a longer oval, or perhaps as individual rolls – tho’ I haven’t tried that out yet.

This was the first time that I’ve used a traditional lame with notable success – i.e. I’ve used one before, but only ended up with with so-so slashes. I invested in a neat model from the Netherlands.

It was interesting to see how the oven spring (that first rise in the heat of the oven) caused the bread to move slightly out of the rounded boule shape, and expand into the two lips on the sides of the skillet.

And it was gratifying to see how equilaterally consistent that expansion was!


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