Recipes include bread by the baker’s dozen, simple fresh vegetable dishes, healthy desserts, and the occasional sheer indulgence – usually involving chocolate.

On the whole, these are are family and friends oriented, and easily expand to feed larger groups. Based on fresh ingredients, using simple and health-oriented methods of cooking, they are my reliable go-to base for almost any get-together.

Recipes are indexed under 2 general Categories:


Some Suggestions

Indexes for each grouping can be found under the Categories:

  • Communion breads – Church: The joys, the people, the songs, the messages
  • A wide range of sourdough bread, yeast homemade loaves, italian breads, baguettes, breads enriched with chocolate, raisins, bacon – Daily Bread
  • A flag waved for stories around our very own cuisine – Eating Out in Spain
  • And some useful hints I’ve learned in the course of my cooking journey – Tips and Techniques

Our Choices

Wherever we can, we use whatever we can from our organic garden.

We steer clear of preservatives and chemical numbers, and look to the old-fashioned methods such as sourdough raising, and cast-iron casserole slow-cooking.

Our healthy eating is a framework, rather than a set of concrete rules. The recommended routes to a healthy end-point are presented. To follow them is, as are all things, a matter of free choice.

The stories and the writings on this site are all my work, and the views expressed are mine.

The recipes might well be someone else’s original creations, because recipes pass through many hands, gathering many variations along their journey. Some of my own recipes go back to an old book I have had for more than 40 years. These include handwritten scribbles and faded clippings from the days when our source of recipes was print, and every magazine and newspaper carried regular recipe pages.

Wherever I have the data, references and links to adaptations and influences from the work of others is included and acknowledged in my posts.

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