Pilgrim Lifestyle

July 2012
Practical Pilgrims are everyday people. Each one walks a pilgrim path that is individual, practical, and based on Biblical truth.

The path is directed by the Holy spirit. The truth is the truth incarnate, Jesus Christ. These essentials permeate every aspect of life, from practical challenges to theological discussions, from daily decisions to philosophical issues.

blog-signThis road sign is found on a main road not far from Peregrino. It is not disrespectful in any way – the name Jesús is widely used in spanish speaking countries.

It opens up some trains of thought I’ll be pursuing. In brief:

  • The pilgrim-lifestyle can be urban or rural, simple or high-tech.
  • The pilgrim-journey can be as far as another country or as near as your neighbour.
  • The pilgrim-destination is Jesus.

Image on this page: Appreciation, credit and thanks to Andrew Welch

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