Marmite Cooking

Marmite cooking is Mediterranean.

Marmite in French, Marmita in Spanish, a marmite is a cooking dish of earthenware or cast iron, historically used in Europe for the long, slow cooking of soups and stews on the stove-top or over an open fire.

Their construction is specific and functional. The smooth surface area of the interior curves down to the base, leaving no corners or edges. As a result the ingredients can move smoothly, and mixing and stirring are easy and effective. A close fitting lid keeps moisture circulating, and helps to keep the food soft, the flavours intense and the nutrients contained.

The term is thought to originate from the French word ‘marmotter’, which means to mutter. I think it’s a lovely description of the sound made by a dish simmering gently in a closed marmita.

One such dish is the lentil vegetable soup

My marmite is a warm red in colour, made of cast iron, and comes from my favourite kitchenware producer, the French company Le Creuset.

I have used it with great success both on the stove-top to cook soups, stews and sauces; and in the oven for bread, cakes and puddings.

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