Lime Lemon Almond Dessert

Lime Lemon Almond Dessert

Gluten free, dairy free, no added fat. Distinct lime-lemon flavor, subtle almond presence – and no sugary sweetness to spoil it.

This lime and lemon almond dessert is a variation of the lemon almond dessert recipe. A fresh and pleasing change of flavour comes from the combination of the two fruits. Using limes together with the lemons preserves the citric sharpness, adds the definite edge of the limes, and underscores it all with the almond.

Notes on the Lime and Lemon Almond Dessert

  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free and no added fat
  • Forget about covering the fruits with the water when you put them in to boil – they float! Try for a pan where lemons and limes are nestled together firmly, so they hold each other in place.
  • The citrus fruits make quite a thick blenderised mix, so if your blender can’t handle it, then just use a hand-held mixer or food processor. Or enjoy the foolproof old-fashioned way, gently folding the ground almonds in with a spatula or a large whisk.
  • I am a sour-lover more than a sweet-seeker, and suggest that each cook adjusts the honey to taste.

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