Lemon Almond Dessert

Lemon almond dessert takes the produce of two trees that are are an integral part of Spain’s agriculture.

Citrus fruit grows across the peninsula. Seville oranges are famous for the part they play in marmalades, lemon tres are right outside my windows and limes are harvested in increasing numbers.

As for almonds, on Peregrino our domestic garden held over 30 almond trees, and that was a tiny percentage of Tarragona’s orchards. just one tree supplied us for a year.

Lemon Almond Dessert – Sharp and Citric

Gluten free, fat free, dairy free!

This lemon almond dessert is a rollover from the gluten-free orange cake. This recipe, though, uses lemons – brilliant deduction, Watson – so be prepared for that citric-wow-sharpness.

I am a sour-lover much more than a sweet-seeker, and even I had to up the honey from the orange recipe. Adjust the honey to suit your particular palate.

Dairy free and fat-free unless you decide to use butter to prepare the baking pan.

Ingredients and Method

Allow 2 hours before you start the cake to prep the lemons.
º Rinse 4 medium-large /6 small lemons in cool water.
º Place them in a pan of cold water.
º Bring to a slow boil, and boil for 90 mins.

Forget about ‘covering them with the water’ – they float! Try for a pan where they are nestled together firmly, so they hold each other in place.

My particular way is to use my Le Creuset cast iron saucepan, bring the water just to the boil, lower the heat right down, then put the lid on and leave it.

It doesn’t boil dry, and the contained heat deals with any portion of the fruit that is above water.

Remove the lemons from the water.
º Let them cool to a handle-able temperature.
º Using a small knife, take out the stem ends.
º Roughly chop – they are as soft as melting butter – and remove any pips.
º Place the lemons in a blender and whizz till they are pulverised.
– that’s everything, peel and flesh.

To the lemons in the blender add:
º ½c – ¾c honey, depending on your sweetness preference.
Whizz to mix, then add
º 4 large / 5 medium eggs, one at a time.

In a separate bowl mix together:
º 2c ground almonds
º 1t bicarb (baking sooda)
º ½t salt
Add this to the blender – and yes, you guessed it: Whizz to mix.

If your blender can’t handle this, then just use a hand mixer or food processor – or even enjoy good old-fashioned hand mixing, gently folding the ground almonds in with a spatula.

Prepare a baking pan: – line it with parchment, spritz it with non-stick or lightly coat with butter.
Pour the batter into the baking dish.
Bake at 170C for about 30 mins – check with a skewer, do not overcook.

Eat it warm, allow the almond plus lemon confection to cool in the dish, pop it in the fridge till tomorrow – it tastes equally good at any temperature.
If it’s still too tart, sprinkle with sugar. Or forget the dairy free, and serve with a whipped, sweetened cream.

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