Gluten Free Orange Dessert

Gluten free orange dessert, made with ground almonds, apple, carrots and orange zest. This would probably also work with almond meal and almond flour. Not over-sweet, it qualifies for my ratings of dairy-free and fat-free.

Gluten Free Orange Dessert – the Initiative

Rebecca, our granddaughter, lives with a gluten intolerance. Initially she could tolerate not even a smidgin of gluten, tho’ it now seems as she enters her teen years that the intolerance has eased up marginally. At present she experiments with a touch of gluten once or twice a week, and notes the impact and consequences. Many of my recipes have been designed for her.

Ingredients and Method.

Peel and chop about 10 small carrots and 2 medium apples.
º The smaller carrots I use are those that are younger. They tend to be softer and sweeter.
º By volume, this comes to about 5 cups altogether.

º This is what I call a flexible recipe. Using apple and carrot in different proportions, all the options I’ve tried – right up to all carrot or all apple – have worked for me.

º Cook these together for about 20 minutes until soft.
º Drain off any remaining water.
Whizz 3 eggs in a blender, then add:
º the grated/zested peel of a large orange
º ½T cinnamon
º ½t nutmeg
º ¼ – ½c honey, depending on your sweetness preference.

Whizz again, then add:
º the cooked apple/carrot mix – it should be about 5 cups
º ½c ground almonds.
Whizz till smooth.

Prepare a baking pan: – line it with parchment, spritz it with non-stick, or lightly coat with butter.
Pour the mixture in.
Bake at 160C for 30mins.
Test to see if it’s done, using a skewer. Careful not to over-cook.

Eat warm or cold.

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