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Free or Almost

. . does not equal bland!
There are some amazing flavours and textures that come through in the recipes.

My prime concern is health, rather than weight, but the two go hand in hand. The ‘Free or Almost’ recipes include recipes that are gluten free, fat free, dairy free and/or sugar free.

Or almost.

The ‘Almost’

I craft recipes and adapt others to fit our particular needs, and I work with what works for us. As a family we have certain medically verified reactions, and I constantly plan with these in mind.

Among our friends are some with similar situations, and others who – by choice – are vegetarian.

I always inquire of guests regarding their nutritional needs and preferences before preparing a menu, but (outside of medical conditions), a smidgen of fat such as that from an egg or two, or the sugar in a fruit is not going to rock my recipe boat.

Food Reactions in our Family

In our family alone we have one or more members dealing with:
º lactose intolerance
º a severe allergy to shellfish
º allergic reaction to preservatives
º gluten intolerance.

Almost Fat Free aka No Fat Added

The American Egg Nutrition Board states that in an egg weighing 50g, the total fat is 5g.

I use fat free milk as a matter of course.

Baking Dish
If a baking dish is greased rather than lined with parchment, this is an optional choice, and not accounted for in the classification. This applies also to Dairy Free if the dish is greased with butter.

Almost Sugar Free aka No Sugar Added

Sugar in fruits and vegetables is not accounted for.
A small amount of honey can lead a recipe to be classified as low sugar.

Please Take Note

Food reactions are real, and we choose to handle these limitations practically. I am not a nutritionist, a medical practitioner or a professional chef. This began as a family site written for family members, and the recipes were crafted around them and their particular situations.

If you don’t know your own intolerance profile with regard to any ingredient listed, consult a professional. Anybody following any of the recipes is deemed to accept full responsibility for their decisions and choices. We take no responsibility for your reactions to any ingredients or recipes.

Read more on Disclaimer here.

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