English in a Spanish Evangelical Church

English in a Spanish Evangelical church. Cristo Vencedor – Christ the Victor – is an international church in the province of Almeria, Spain. This is our home church, located in the town of Huércal-Overa.

A truly dual language church, encompassing worship and word. The church has developed and grown and now encompasses far more than a mere translation of a Spanish Sunday service into English.

We are an International church, an exciting fulfillment of a ‘vision with passion’, and a wonderful demonstration of how God puts things – and people – in place.

Why an English Church in Spain

Two years ago Abuelo & I were settled in the province of Tarragona, working on our farm in the sierras. We had moved there from south-western Andalucia – he is Sevilla-born, and Jerez de la Frontera is my adopted home town – but it was in the north-east that we thought we would be developing a future.

Then God spoke to us, simply saying, ‘I want you to go to Almeria’. Within 30 days we had packed up and moved back ‘down south’- though this time to the eastern coast.

To what we were moving, we knew not.

Of course, being God, He knew(!), and within a short time the process of events began that has led to this church plant.

That process included the gathering of a people of ‘many different tribes and tongues’.

Spanish and English in a Spanish Evangelical Church

Andrés is natural-born Spanish, with an exceptional fluency in English plus a full command of the Portuguese language. Andy, the original visionary of the church, is natural-born English, perfectly able to minister and interact in Spanish.

Our church family represents at least 7 different nations, including
– Spanish speakers (not necessarily from mainland Spain) who speak some English; and those who speak none;
– English speakers who speak some Spanish, and those who speak none.

The church website includes information pages, together with a map and contact details for English speakers.

Our neighbours, within a half-hour or so, include Albox, Arboleas, Mojacar, Los Gallardos, Garrucha, Turre, Taberno, Santa Maria de Nieve, Los Carrascos, Los Llanos, Vera.

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