Daily Bread

To a Spanish family, bread is an absolute given at any meal.

How lucky can I get? Bread in all its forms is pure delight.

  • I love the range of breads, from local to regional to international,
  • – the variations possible with every loaf.
  • I love working with the dough .. smelling the yeast as it works .. watching that magical oven-rise.
  • I love the promise of a loaf as it cools,
  •   – that first cut into a crisp crust,
  •   – the springy feel of a just-right crumb,
  •   – and finally, the joy of sharing.

So What’s on the Site?

Recipes that we use and enjoy regularly.

Loaves that run from the simple and straightforward, the traditional and the sourdoughs, to those made with oil, bacon, tomatoes, herbs, butternut, malt and a dozen other marvellous ingredients.

Techniques from kneading a basic dough through to handling the wet doughs for ciabatta, from creating country boules to stretching a French fougasse.

Simple Fresh Food Ingredients
Flour – Organic white, wholemeal, rye, seeded, malt, durum. Mix and match, use with flair.
Yeast – quick yeast, live yeast, speak-nicely-to-it-as-it-begins-to-bubble yeast – and the inimitable taste of wild yeast in the sourdoughs.

And Stories 🙂

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