Cinnamon bread rolls – tasty breakfast indulgence.

Cinnamon bread rolls – a Mediterranean twist on an American classic. Bread rolls with a cinnamon filling may be more American than European, but they are an import I’m happy to endorse!

This version, which has worked wonderfully well for me every time I’ve made it, encompasses a Mediterranean / European touch in the filling. For that, I use a creme patisserie – which is just a French name for something creamily delicious.

Cinnamon Bread Rolls – Braided Plaits

As I am forever trying new twists and brilliant ideas (well, they seem brilliant at the time I come up with them . . .), this recipe also became a potential experiment field.

I have made the standard rolls that look like pinwheels a number of times, and this time I decided to braid the dough from the recipe below into a dozen mini plaited loaves, incorporating the cinnamon cream filling.

I divided the dough into 12 equal portions, then rolled each portion out, as thin as I could, into a rectangle shape. Each rectangle was then cut into three equal strips.

A pizza wheel makes a great dough cutter here.

I then put a line of the cinnamon filling down the centre of each strip, rolled the strip closed and pinched it to seal. Then the three strips were pinched together at one end and I braided them loosely, finishing with another pinch-to-seal. The baking from there is exactly the same as for the standard cinnamon rolls.

Admittedly, this filling is creamy and tends to escape, but that is not catastrophically serious – it makes licking the fingers a necessary and indulgently delicious part of the preparation process.

And precisely because the filling tends to sneak out, I would most strongly suggest using greaseproof paper to line the baking sheet: the greaseproof paper just makes cleaning a whole lot easier!

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