Church is an integral part of our life, and it has to be part of my writing.

Particularly now, as we enter a new and exciting phase – being part of an international church plant right here in Spain. We talk about the people involved, the joys experienced, the messages shared, the songs we write and sing.

*All the “Church” posts can be found here.

Our first post is one of thanks to God, as we share the first song He gave our songwriting team.
The second song, Eres Eterno, You Are Eternal, is now published.

Church In Spain

There will be challenges faced, real-life situations, questions that don’t have easy answers. But we’re here, and we’re doing the work of “Occupy till I come”.

You’re invited to join us and get to know us.

The posts about church are planned for Mondays. As with all things on this blog, that planning comes with the caveat Como Dios Quiere – as God wills.

What do we understand by ‘church’?

  • The worldwide body of those who believe in the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.
  • The people with whom we fellowship right here in our local environment.
  • The messages rising out of the moment.
  • Oh yes, a building . .

The Church Posts Index page lists all the posts that fall into this category, and run in the order ‘most recent first’.

The image on this page is from the work of Joshua Earle, and is also the image we use on our church website. I find Joshua’s photography to be ‘breath of fresh air’ work that speaks artistically, and I respect his Christian outreach. Perhaps one day he will extend his visits to Spain.

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