By My Side

Across the sky the gold of dawn
Bids darkness to retreat once more
Your words declare across the globe
How great your truth, how pure your law
Your Holy Spirit lights my way
In righteousness He is my guide
And wheresoever I may go
I know he is always by my side

In midst of storms and troubled times
I stand enfolded in your calm
The still small voice is all I hear
My heart receives your healing balm
Your Holy Spirit teaches me
In all I learn He is my guide
I rest my faith in You alone
And know he is always by my side

Your kingdom is eternity
You reach beyond the furthest star
Through time and space the promise sings
That when I seek you, you are there

Your glory shines forevermore
Your faithful word will never cease
Goodness abounds in all You are
Sweeter than honey is your peace
Your Holy Spirit fills my life
With joy, with gladness and with fire
Your house is where I seek to dwell
To do your will is my desire

© 2019 Josephine Cánovas

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