Bundt Bread

Bundt Bread – Baking with a Twist

Bread offers an incredible range of variations. The basics are constant, and experiments are fun. Some work, some don’t. But this Bundt bread did work – and it’s easy.

Of course, I have to accept that sometimes the experiments don’t work for me. So be it – it’s part of the process. My frugal self may not be too happy with an unused product, but the loss is minimal, and overall I am still paying markedly less than I would for store-bought products, whilst gaining far more on the health scale.

And there are three super-cute little Bodegera terriers who are always happy to mitigate the loss!

Today’s Twist

Basic breads are the essence of everyday in this household and I regularly bake a simple sourdough that does not fail on any front. Straightforward, predictable, and – the important bit – tasty.

A couple of days ago I was abstracting * = mind is in gear and functioning, but not really concentrating on anything.*

I had just experimented with a Bundt chocolate cake, using avocado instead of butter, which hadn’t quite turned out as desired, and so I was considering improvement options. The mold was standing there looking at me, and being in the abstracting mode I could imagine it exuding anticipation, a willingness to take a risk – a bit like one of those Bodegeras when they sense a bread failure.

OK, the mold is unquestionably an inanimate object with neither feelings nor emotions – but hey, when you spend long days alone, you do sometimes talk to the surroundings. . . . don’t you?

So I decided to use the circular Bundt mold as a bread pan.

Almost all my loaves are free-rise, free-form so using any pan is a deviation from the norm, let alone that it is a fluted cake pan.

I followed the basic recipe, and was pleased with the result, which looked rather like a doughnut.

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