Apple Walnut Cake

Apple walnut cake sums it up, but there’s so much more in this wonderfully versatile recipe. Starting with chunks of apple and crunches of walnuts, developed with subtle spicy undertones, this is one of my never-fails.

It suits my low sugar preferences, and can be made dairy free which then equals no added fat. Rustic and rich with promise this serves as a cake, a dessert or – my personal favorite – as breakfast.

Of course, you do remember that I eat breakfast at about 10.00 or 11.00 in the morning, followed by the Spanish mealtimes of a late lunch, and dinner at around 9.00 in the evening. . . . . .

Apple Walnut Cake


º 5 apples.
Peel, core and rough-chop. Cover with water & simmer until soft.
Drain any excess liquid. Blenderise and cool.

º Another 5 apples:
Peel, core, and rough-chop into pieces of about 1cm dimensions.
Put these aside.

º ½ cup butter.
Melt and cool

This dish can be made fat and dairy free by replacing the butter with an additional half cup of the apple. The texture isn’t quite the same, but it is still moist with a good flavour.

Ingredients and Method

In a large bowl place:
º ⅔ c brown demerara sugar
º 2 eggs plus 1 egg yolk
Use a hand whisk or an electric beater and mix just until well-blended.

º 1½c of the smoothified apples *2c for fat and dairy free.
º all the melted butter. *omit for fat and dairy free.
Mix briefly.

On top of this liquid mix, put:
º 1c general flour
º 1c whole wheat flour
º 1T cinnamon
º ¼t ground allspice
º ½t nutmeg
º ¼t salt
º 1t baking powder
º 1t bicarb / baking soda
Mix all together, just until blended.

º the 5 apples rough chopped into 1cm pieces.
º 75g / 1c walnuts, chopped.

The mixture needs to be moist and easy to mix. If need be, add more apple mush.

Scoop into the baking pan and bake at 180ºC for about 35 minutes.

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